Family Life Ministry

The guiding principle of the Bible directs that Christians nurture the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of individuals, couples, and families, and families who make up the fabric of fellowship in the church. Healthy family functioning in a church environment and at home is a primary goal. The family is the ordained place where human beings can experience God’s love to its fullest. It is our goal to target the church with a variety of family life needs – teens, children, those who have never ventured into holy matrimony, widows, those separated or divorced, as well as married couples and parents.

Our Mission

Develop, evaluate and disseminate programs that cultivate spiritual, social, and intellectual development for singles, single parents, married couples, men, women and families. Nurturing the individual’s capacity to relate skillfully, while we strive to deepen a greater sense of commitment to relationships, social values such as forgiveness, acceptance, personal responsibility and respect for others. We believe in essential qualities that are wholesome and productive thus leading families to a more fulfilling life.

The Ministry Goals

Maintain counsel to the Men’s Ministry, Single’s Ministry and Single-parent and ministry leaders. Attend Family Ministry training. Encourage ministry leaders to attend their conference wide training. Attend conference-wide marriage retreat. Be a part of quarterly conference calls with the Family Life Directors in given areas. On-going ministry programs year-round,not just special events. Develop networking programs with other churches in region. Join in the planning of quarterly area-wide projects.

Ministère de la Famille (Family)

Directors Dr. Roland & Junon Brutus

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