The department objectives are to make sure that each member and department of the church is represented well within the church, the community, and at the conference level.

Communication is a vital part of every segment of the local church body and community, ultimately making each department a vehicle for communication. By the power and grace of GOD; it is this department’s goal to encourage members and department heads to keep the communications team abreast of special events such as musical presentations, evangelism events, graduations, weddings, job promotions, and or community related activities. It is our hope to recognize and feature happenings within our church and community environment.

More importantly we exist as a department to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST through printed materials, media representation, radio, and web-base auxiliaries. So, we are challenging everyone in becoming a communicator within our church body, and that is to help build up the Kingdom GOD by working together as a team.

The Communications Department of End Time Sabbath Worship Center, Inc. is dedicated to provide information that is relevant and informative to our church family and community. We are looking forward to working with each unit of this great church organization. It is our duty to make the world community be aware that this church is dedicated to fulfilling Christ’s commission.

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March 21-23rd Homecoming Weekend.
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