Board of Trustees

Below are the appointed members of End Time Sabbath Worship Center, Inc. who will provide oversight of the organization’s activities and many more.

Pastor Ronald E. Jean-Baptiste
Chairperson Junon V. Brutus
Secretary Jeannine Charles
Members Yvrose R. Charlot
Schiller Philogene
Greg N. Perrier
DR. Roland Brutus
Myrna Perrier
Pastor Ronald E. Jean-Baptiste
Clerk Lucie Cenat
Treasury Yvrose R. Charlot
Board of Elders
1. Eleonor St. Fort
2. Vigaud Antoine
3. Clebert Jean-Baptiste
4. Alexandre Charles
5. Sidney Joseph
6. Dr. Fritz Pierre
7. Belschazar Bonzil
8. Yvrose Raymond Charlot
9. Suzette Louissaint
10. Raymonde Fremont

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