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As a church organization End Time Sabbath Worship Center, Inc., foresees a world where ordinary individuals can commit to extraordinary things. We believe that with combined faith, a clear vision and unfaltering devotion, we can do more, live more and be greater than the existence of only for ourselves.

thumb-imgEnd Time Sabbath Worship Center, Inc. engages in several faith-promoting and society-benefiting activities that give voice to the true meaning of Christianity. Our religious organization is one big family that passes on the moral values Jesus Christ has preached in His majestic era. Children, adults, elders, and those unaware and disbelieving of God’s wonders can look to something meaningful and fulfilling by taking time to listen or enter our strong foundation. Our advocacy is rich in the knowledge, resources and support built by its members and we continue to sow this, ’till the seeds of God’s teachings will flare a light for an entire humanity.

Being one with Christ and his desires for his people, we pray to enlighten your spirit, empower a conviction and ignite loyalty in your hearts. Be a living testament of God’s goodness, share, practice and live His almighty name for our world today.

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March 21-23rd Homecoming Weekend.
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